In-Office Recycling:  64 gallon toters are delivered to your office for paper, plastics, and aluminum cans.  Your business can be put on a weekly/biweekly schedule or a on-call basis.    We also offer toters that can be locked in-office for secured documents that need to be shredded.


Flatbed Service:   We pick up baled corrugated and plastic at many locations across WNC.  This service can be added to one of our routes or your business can be serviced on an on-call schedule.


Van Trailers:  This is a great option for larger businesses that have a large volume of loose corrugated.  We deliver a  48’ or 53’ van trailer to your location. Just give us a call when it is full and we will swap it out with an empty.


Secured Shredding: We have an industrial shredder located at the plant for confidential destruction.  All documents are stored in a secured and protected warehouse while waiting to be shredded.


For more information and pricing please call 828-252-6963.



Recyclables we accept:


Corrugated cardboard

All types of paper

PET (#1, drink bottles)

HDPE (#2, Milk Jugs)

LDPE (Stretch wrap, stretch film)

Aluminum cans